Vinyl Hysteria’s Top 25 Albums of 2016

2016 might have been a really horrible, wacky year in most respects, but damn, it was an amazing year for music.  I could have created a top 50 list, but I decided to narrow it down to 25.

Most lists I’ve seen for 2016 include a few of the obvious choices, like Rihanna and Beyonce and Kanye West.  And those artists always end up near or at the top.  But while those albums might have artistic merit, I always find myself drawn to music that isn’t top 40.  The only album with across-the-board acclaim that I also loved was Mitski’s Puberty 2.  That one almost made my #1 spot.

I made a video highlighting my top 25 (and showing off the vinyl for each, though I am missing the vinyl for a few on the list), so check it out.  Or, if you’re short on time, you can find my list of 2016’s best below the vid.

Best Albums of 2016:

25. Florist – The Birds Outside Sang

24. Yohuna – Patientness

23. Flock of Dimes – If You See Me, Say Yes

22. The Julie Ruin – Hit Reset

21. Little Scream – Cult Following

20. Luther Wright & the Wrongs – Hearts & Lonely Hunters

19. Savages – Adore Life

18. Case / Lang / Veirs – self-titled

17. Stranger Things Soundtrack

16. Bellows – Fist & Palm

15. Veda Hille – Love Waves

14. July Talk – Touch

13. Fear of Men – Fall Forever

12. The Tragically Hip – Man Machine Poem

11. Hannah Georgas – For Evelyn

10. Tacocat – Lost Time

9. Gord Downie – Secret Path

8. DIANA – Familiar Touch

7. Frankie Cosmos – Next Thing

6. Venus and the Moon – Brother Son

5. Eskimeaux – Year of the Rabbit

4. Jennifer O’Connor – Surface Noise

3. Christine & The Queens – Chaleur Humaine

2. Mitski – Puberty 2

1. Told Slant – Going By


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