Second Record Haul Video!

After a month of collecting some gems off the interwebz and a successful record shopping trip to Boston and Worcester, MA, I decided it was time for another record haul video. I scored some excellent Kill Rock Stars and Villa Villakula gems, and grabbed a few new items I’ve been wanting. So check it out!

I’m new to these videos, so let me know your thoughts. Am I speaking too slowly? Too quietly? Do I need a haircut? The answer is most definitely yes to that last question. But in all seriousness, I’m looking for some feedback. I’d like to grow this venture a little and try to reach some other women out there. Strength in numbers. I’d love to know what experiences my sisters in vinyl collecting have had, and I’d love for all of us to gain more visibility and recognition in the collecting world. Our voices and knowledge and collections deserve that. It isn’t just a boys’ club; obsessing over music and records is for everyone.