Holiday Sampler, December 23


Tomorrow at sundown is the start of Hanukkah.  We’ll be frying up some latkes, and  playing dreidel (with our cats) by the light of the electric menorah (cats are a danger around real candles; we once had a cat burn fur off her tail by whipping it through a flame). You don’t hear much Hanukkah music played on the radio, except for the classic songs that everyone knows.  Even then, it’s just two songs out of thousands and thousands of Christmas tunes.  So a few years ago, I hit up the Hanukkah station on Pandora and discovered the band The LeeVees.  These guys are like Jewish Barenaked Ladies.  Jewish Arrogant Worms (if you don’t know the Arrogant Worms, educate yo’ self).  I immediately bought their album of hilarious Hanukkah songs.  My favorite jam off that album is the one featured below.  Enjoy!

December 23: The LeeVees, “Latke Clan”


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