Holiday Sampler, December 20


It’s been a hard year.  Not just for me personally, but for the world in general.  For our country.  We’ve had surges in gun violence (specifically against African-Americans), surges in hate crimes.  We’re looking at a very frightening inauguration.  We’ve had to fight to keep oil companies from destroying our environment and the health and safety of our people.  And we’ve lost musical icons who were our heroes; they left us when we most needed them.

Even though some new horror dominates the news each day, Christmas should be a respite from the pain and fear and darkness.  Even if just for a day.  Even if just for a few hours spent with family or friends.  I’m pretty sure we’re all ready for a few moments of joy, no matter what holiday is being celebrated.

December 20: Queen, “Thank God It’s Christmas”


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