Stranger Things Vinyl Pre-Order Details


Lakeshore Records released their final details this morning for the different Stranger Things Volume 1 variants, and provided pre-order links where available.  Of all the variants, I liked the clear with black smoke the best, but I didn’t jump on it when Bullmoose unleashed their pre-order early, and none of the links provided today had any available either.  My second favorite US variant was the translucent red with black swirl available as an exclusive through Barnes & Noble, so I grabbed one of those quickly.  I’m still holding out hope that I can snag a clear with black smoke variant at some point, but at least I’ve secured a copy that I do really like.


Barnes & Noble Exclusive. Photo via Lakeshore Records /

The UK Invada variants are pretty gorgeous, but shipping to the US was pricey, so I decided to wait and see what the combo pack will look like with both volumes.  It’ll be tempting, despite the high shipping costs, if it has a lot of bells and whistles.

What’s your favorite variant?

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