Quasi Quasi Quasi (and a new haul video!)

I love Quasi.  Love them.  In fact, I’m listening to “The Poisoned Well” as I write this.  But for all my days of record collecting, and the many shops I’ve visited, I had never been able to find any Quasi vinyl in person.  Only online.  I was so flummoxed by the sheer absence of Quasi in stores that it became kind of a running joke, and then an obsession.  Sure, I could buy any Quasi album I wanted online, but I refused.  I wanted to find it “in the wild.”  With every record store I visited, I’d wonder, Is this it?  Will today be the day?  But we remained ships in the night, me and Quasi vinyl…

…until Friday, March 25, when I stepped foot inside Rough Trade for the first time.  And there, behind the Q divider, I pulled out a copy of Quasi’s “Mole City.”  It was a moment of pure joy.  Achievement.  I may have even done a fist pump.  I was sad that my partner in crime was not there to witness the moment, but my good friend Girl + Records was, and she documented the event for me.  I finally found Quasi IN THE WILD.  And now that I have, I’m free to spend unlimited amounts of money on Quasi from the interwebz!  Kidding.  But not really.

I talk about my Quasi find and many others in my new haul video below.  Check it out and watch me wrangle my cat who insisted upon doing his best to knock my camera over.

And after you’ve watched my video, go listen to some Quasi.  You won’t be sorry.


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